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Post by Admin on Wed Jul 12, 2017 1:25 am

Q: Where is Olympics being held in 2016?
A: Brazil
Q: What is the name of the lens which has thicker edge than core?
A: Concave lens
Q: Who release the Djinn after rubbing the magic lamp?
A: Aladdin
Q: Which Adventure Dungeon can only allow a solo passage?
A: Tower of Eternity
Q: How many seasons of Game of Thrones have been aired?
A: 6
Q: Which of the following monster does not exist in the game?
A: Mirage Lord
Q: What cannot be done to patients with neck injury?
A: Stack pillows under his neck
Q: What is the gift the old God gave to the last little boy in the lore of Faithkeeper (Tap Wing information to read the story)
A: Wings
Q: Which of the following is an Argentine football star?
A: Messi
Q: Which country is famous for its windmills?
A: Netherlands
Q: What is use of solid carbon dioxide?
A: Produce fog
Q: How many keys are there on a piano?
A: 88
Q: What is the name of the TV channel which streams all the episodes of its dramas at once?
A: Netflix
Q: What is the best sold console of the 8th generation?
A: PS4
Q: A car accident happened. Every one was hurt. Why was Jon alright?
A: Because he was not in the car
Q: Which two color can confuse color blind people the most?
A: Red and green
Q: On what day of the week is Guild Wars available?
A: Saturday
Q: Why doesn't the moon orbit around the sun?
A: Because it already orbits the Earth
Q: How many times of free PvP does the game offer per day?
A: 5
Q: Which of the following is an American basketball legend?
A: Jordan
Q: Who does Jim look like the most?
A: Jim in the mirror
Q: How long does an HP potion last?
A: 60 seconds
Q: Which of the following equipment does not exist in this game?
A: Belt
Q: What is the name of the TV drama in which a highschool teacher is the protagonist?
A: Breaking Bad
Q: What is the currency used to purchase Skill Points?
A: Diamond
Q: How many times can you fish per day in the game?
A: 3 rounds
Q: Will a fully reforged attribute downgrade in Reforge?
A: No
Q: What is the highest recharging amount?
A: USD 99
Q: Which of the following social media website is the largest in the world?
A: Facebook
Q: A person who cannot swim fell into water, but he did not drown. Why?
A: He was wearing a life jacket
Q: What is Newton's First Law?
A: An object either remains at rest or continues to
Q: What is used to level up your skills?
A: Skill Points
Q: Which of the following color does not belong to the rainbow spectrum?
A: Black
Q: When does the Arena ranking of the day stop and count?
A: 5:00
Q: What is the name of the achievment unlocked when a player acquired 1000000 Coins?
A: First Pot of Gold
Q: What is the objective reward of clearing Chapter 1?
A: Diamond
Q: Who is afraid of bathing?
A: A mud man
Q: Which of the following item is needed for raids?
A: Raid Tickets
Q: What is the advantage of fishing in the game?
A: Increase your Stamina
Q: Which of the following does not help with hip-slimming?
A: Tree-humping
Q: What monster in the game explodes?
A: Bomber
Q: Which of the following online gaming platform is the largest in scale?
A: Steam
Q: Which of the following does not belong to Blacksmith?
A: Melt
Q: Which of the following is a Portuguese football star?
A: Cristiano Ronaldo
Q: How to place a book so that you can't step over it?
A: in a corner
Q: Why are humans afraid of heights but birds don't?
A: Humans know what it is like to fall, birds do not.
Q: Which of the following cannot be obtained in Alchemy Stones?
A: King Stone
Q: Which of the following item is used in Enchantment?
A: Enchantment Stones
Q: What is the highest rank for pets?
A: Rank 6
Q: Which tire does not turn when a car turns right?
A: The spare tire
Q: How many attributes of an equipment can be reforged?
A: 3
Q: Who is the writer of Harry Potter?
A: J.K. Rowling
Q: How much Stamina does a Gold Fish in a fishing event reward?
A: 15 points
Q: Some say 'pollution in the city is not caused by cars, but bicycles'. Who coulld it be?
A: A professor
Q: Which team did not make it to the finals of Europan Football Championship in 2016?
A: Germany
Q: Which of the following timeslot is not the event timeslot for Feast?
A: 06:00~08:00
Q: How many times can you fish in a round?
A: 3 times
Q: What is the name of VIP5 exclusive pack?
A: High Rank Gems
Q: Which of the following animals is extinct?
A: Dodo
Q: Who discovered the New World?
A: Columbus
Q: Is it possible to use HP potion in places those prohibit fighting?
A: No
Q: How long do you have to wait to fish another round after one round of fishing?
A: 30 minutes
Q: When you try to surpass the first runner-up in a atheletic competition, what is your ranking?
A: 2
Q: Why can't children sit in the passenger seat?
A: The airbag will hurt them
Q: What is the effect of evolving pet?
A: Increasing the pet's attribute
Q: Which of the following is not included in the Collection Mission of Daily Scenarios?
A: Polygonum perfoliatum
Q: What is the quality of Sinnor?
A: Orange
Q: What alcohol cannot be drunk?
A: Oodine
Q: Who is not one of the candidates of the 2016 USA President Election Campaign?
A: Obama
Q: What is something that's super important to you, but you can't see or find it when you need it?
A: Time
Q: Which of the following video streaming website is the largest in the world?
A: youtube
Q: While using Augument Stones to augument your equipment will there be gleams and special effects on your equipment?
A: Yes
Q: What did Columbus do after settingone foot on the New World?
A: Set another foot on the New World
Q: Which of the following quality of items may drop for a coin chest?
A: Epic
Q: Who proposed the mass-energy equivalence formula?
A: Einstein
Q: What is the name of the achievment unlocked when a player's Elemental Attack exceeds 1000?
A: Thunderous Power
Q: Which of the following monster is the second Stage Boss in Tower of Eternity?
A: Magma Stone Ogre
Q: What can friends give each other as gifts in the game?
A: Stamina
Q: What reward can be obtained from worshipping in Hall of Kings?
A: Coins
Q: Which of the following pet can be acquired from guild?
A: Tyrath
Q: What is the most important thing for married couples when they are together?
A: One of them should always bring the key.
Q: Where should one stay when trapped in fire but not able to escape?
A: Near the window
Q: No one has ever witnessed the Earth orbiting around the sun. Why do people believe in this?
A: Have you ever seen your own brain? How do you
Q: Which country does Volkswagen belong to?
A: Germany
Q: Which part of a plant is an onion?
A: Stem
Q: Which of the following is one of the classes in the game?
A: Berserker
Q: Can friends give each other Stamina as gifts?
A: Yes
Q: Which part of firefly is luminous?
A: Stomach
Q: When will the bell in Times Square ring 13 times?
A: When it is broken
Q: Which of the following system can boost your power significantly?
A: Wrathwings system
Q: Which of the following animals saves trees?
A: Woodpecker
Q: What is name of Chapter 3?
A: Glacial Plains
Q: How many diamonds does it cost to flip a third card when a battle ends?
A: 5
Q: Which team did Jordan retire from?
A: Chicago Bulls
Q: How can you continue your challenge in Arena when you are out of challenges?
A: With PvP tickets
Q: How did John stop a car single-handedly?
A: He was calling a cab
Q: Is it true The Sahara was once an oasis?
Q: What is the name of the portable game console published by Sony in 2011?
Q: When you brag about your strengths, what else would the listener know about you?
A: You're not a mute
Q: What currency can be earned by salvaging?
A: Emerald
Q: What catergory of pollution is noise pollution?
A: physical
Q: What fish color gives you most Stamina?
A: Red
Q: What is the name of the AI which won in a Go competition against Lee Sedol?
A: Alpha Go
Q: What animal is a Black Widow?
A: Spider
Q: What is the name of NPC for mission?
A: Alice
Q: Which of the following animal is not a mammal?
A: Turtle
Q: What kind of car cannot drive?
A: A scar
Q: Which type of equipment can a VIP15 player get?
A: Weapon
Q: Which animal in the world has the longest lifespan?
A: Turtle
Q: Which type of food can kills you?
A: Poison
Q: An ant fell from a plane. What killed the ant?
A: Hunger
Q: What else can agmenting do, except from boosting your equipment power?
A: Shining glamor
Q: Idiom: Where do all the roads lead to?
A: Rome
Q: Why you feel dizzy when playing some 3D games?
A: My Cerebellum is ill developed.
Q: Which of the following is the Boss of Chapter 1?
A: Dark Drake
Q: Which of the following planet is closet to the sun in our solar system?
A: Mercury
Q: Which of the following has the longest eyelashes?
A: Camel
Q: Do Guild members be rewarded with Diamonds when the Guild levels up?
A: No
Q: Which of the following animal has the largest angle of view?
A: Fish
What is the name of strongest Panthora?
A: Celestial Panthora
Q: Which of the city in Europe is called the City of Water?
A: Venice
Q: Why can a frog jump higher than a tree?
A: Because a tree cannot jump
Q: Which of the following is an action game?
A: God Of War
Q: Which of the following benefit does not exist?
A: Life Reward
Q: Why do wizards fly with brooms but not chairs?
A: They can pretend to be janitors when they
Q: Which of the following item is used in Reforge?
A: Reforge Stone
Q: Where can you purchase frangments of Wrathwings?
A: Honor store
Q: When a battle in Arena runs out of time, and both sides are alive, who wins?
A: The Defending Side
Q: Which of the following dungeon produces Wildsouls?
A: Icefire Field
Q : What is the name of the first wings obtained?
A : Dawnstrider (strider)
Q: What determines the preciousness of a diamond?
A: Pure
Q: What is the name of the movie in which the protagonist is a girl with ice magic?
A: Frozen
Q: How many stage of Daily Scenario can be completed in a day?
A: 30
Q: What animal have 9 lives?
A: Cat.
Q: Which country voted to leave the EU in 2016?
A: England
Q: Any reward for accumulated Sign-in?
A: yes
Q: What is the name of the game in which players are summoners who aim to catch all the pokemons in the world?
A: Pokemon
Q: Which birthday was the old judge having when he was killed in the lore of Bloodspiller? (Tap Wing information to read the story)
A: 61
Q: Where can you turn off/on the sound of the game?
A: Settings Interface


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